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Welcome to the Teen Titans Icontest Community!

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"Who Did You Think I Was?" by the John Mayer Trio (lyrical)
Submission time ends Jan 20 // Voting ends Jan 22

Posting in this community indicates that you have read and most importantly understood the rules of this community. They aren't that hard, so unless you're a complete retard, you should be able to grasp them.

01: Treat every member of this community with respect.

02: Anyone being overly mean, nasty, or snarky will be dealt with severely. We understand sarcasm, but there is a line where it gets to be absolutely inane. Make sure you don't cross that line or you'll have us to deal with.

03: In the same vein, there will be no sulking of any sort. This includes "oh waah i didn't win im so sad waaah ;_____;" If you didn't win, you know what you can do instead of whining? Try better next time. We're not your support group, take it somewhere else. You have a LJ, so keep it there.

04: We do not take icon requests, and we are most certainly not a community for posting icons! If you want to post your Teen Titans icons, head over to titan_graphics.

05: We are not a promotion journal, either. If you would like to promote your community/affiliate it with this one, it does not have to be Teen Titans related, but it must be a contest of some kind. If you wish to affiliate, just drop a comment here and we'll add you to the userinfo.

06: This community will not contribute much in the way of discussion, so don't even try to start it. We're a contest community, not a "hay guys watz ur fav titan lol" community. There are plenty of LJ communites and internet message boards for that, so take it to the appropriate place.

07: Only sociologique, karoru, and the banner makers (ravyn726, fairyranikata, oculoplania, and _joha) need posting access! Don't ask for posting access, because you don't need it. If you do ask for it, we'll just laugh at and mock you.

01: Contests will be weekly.

02: Contests will rotate between themes/lyrics and bases. For the base-contests, you may only use that specified base or you will be disqualified! For the themes/lyrics, your icon must either relate to the theme or use at least three consecutive words from the song given. Failure to comply will also earn you a disqualification.

03: This is assumed, but you obviously have to make an icon specifically for this contest, unless we say differently. Which, y'know, is never.

04: After submissions are in, users will vote on the icons. Make sure you vote for three, meaning that you pick an icon for first, second, and third place.

05: The one with the most votes wins, second most gets second, and so forth.

06: [IMPORTANT] When there are a large number of entries (20 to 25+), you might be asked to vote for more than three placings and/or a special category. Make sure you read the voting guidelines on each post. If you vote improperly, all of your votes will be disqualified.

07: Comments on the submission entry will be screened, and will not be seen by the other members of the community until it is time for voting.

01: Submissions will be accepted from Saturday after either Potassium or Karoru post the base/theme/etc until the following Saturday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Any icons submitted after that will be disqualified. And we may yell at you and tell you to learn some time management/time zones.

02: Users may submit up to two icons per contest.

03: [NEW MEMBERS] When posting your icon, post "titans go" as well. This will let us know you've read and understood the rules. If you have participated for a while, you do not need to continue to add "titans go".

04: Please make sure your icon is uploaded to a reliable server. When it comes time to vote, we do not want to have to disqualify you because your server bit the dust.

05: Do not use Geocities, Angelfire, or Tripod for hosting icons! Please get either a Photobucket account or use Imageshack for hosting.

06: Submissions should look like this:

titans go

01: Voting will take place from Saturday after either Potassium or Karoru post with the submissions until Monday at around 9pm EST.

02: You may not vote for your own icon(s). Seems rather pretentious, doesn't it?

03: Please be objective when you vote. Don't just vote for someone because they're your friend or against someone because you don't like them. Vote for what you like the best.

04: Do not advertise your icon! This means you go around telling a ton of people to vote for your icon because it's yours. Doing this is stupid, will get you banned from this community permanently, and it will piss us off very much. Don't even try it.

01: There will be absolutely no harassing of the members of this community, and most especially, no harassing of the maintainers. If you think someone is harassing you, notify us and we will look into it.

02: Keep all posts related to this community here. You may not post titan_icontest-related matters in the maintainers' personal or icon journals. If it is that pressing, scroll down a bit to see how to contact either of us.

03: CREDIT EVERYTHING! Even if the icon maker does not normally require credit, credit them anyway! They obviously spent a lot of time making icons for the contest, and we would like to see them get credit where it is due. The submission posts are unscreened due to this, so that if you liked an icon that didn't win, you can still credit the maker.

04: Credit the icon maker in your keywords/comments. If you don't know how to do this, see LJ FAQ #95. If you're still confused, well, we feel sorry for you.

05: STEALING = BAD!! Anyone found stealing will be put on our Shit List, and there will be lots of stabby death.

06: If you discover someone stealing icons you've seen in titan_icontest, please let us know by posting in teentitan_theft. The lovely donatello created that community specifically for finding and rectifying icon theft.

07: All bases will be from Potassium's site, Titans Go. If you decide to use any screenshots from there for your own icons, please at least mention us in your post. We spend a ton of time taking all those screens for you, it won't kill you to take two seconds to link us.

01: If you win, congratulations!

02: When you come to pick up your banner, comment letting us know you've taken it.

03: Save and upload your banner(s) to your own server.

If you need to get ahold of either one of the maintainers, email is the best. Please try to make some kind of note that it's about Titan Icontest in the subject or first line. Thanks!

Maintainer Uno: Potassium/K [email]
Personal Journal: sociologique
Icon Journal: gravenimage
Site: Titans Go

Maintainer Dos: Super Karoru [email]
Personal Journal: karoru
Icon Journal: casinonight

Banner Makers:
ravyn726 // fairyranikata // oculoplania // _joha

titan_graphics // titandebateclub // titans__rating // teentitan_theft // titan_claims // seed_icontest // aswimcontest // flcl_awards // titan_100 // anime_itest // toon_icontest // kd_icontest // phantomawards // tt500 // titan_songset // ccs_lims // miyazaki_lims // ffx_x2_awards // xs_icontest // ghibli_icontest // dgray_awards // ff12_awards // rpg_icontest // titan_hush // titan_test // titan_lims // titan_drabble // titan_lyrical // tt_ratings // ds9contest // ani_lyrical // tt_15_fics

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